Usually, house thieves hit when a home is unoccupied, but now local authorities are looking for some unknown suspects who broke into a house while the residents were there.

On Thursday, July 25, the Guilford County Sheriff’s Department alerted the local media in order to ask citizens to be on the lookout for a suspicious vehicle that was in the area at the time of the break-in.

The residential B&E, as the cops call it, happened on the 5600 block of Thacker Dairy Road in Greensboro on Sunday, July 21.  The suspects forced entry through the rear door.  The house was occupied at the time and the thieves fled from the area.  The alert from the Sheriff’s Department didn’t say that the suspects fled in the car pictured above, but it was seen driving suspiciously through the area around the time of the reported break-in.

Smart doorbells are becoming more and more popular and in recent years they’ve proven valuable in helping solve crimes.   The picture of this car was caught on a Ring doorbell.

The Sheriff’s Department is asking anyone with information on the vehicle or other aspects of the crime to contact the department at 336-641-2680 or call Crime Stoppers at 336-373-1000.