The number of people getting marriage licenses in Guilford County is down these days – because who wants to get married when your bridesmaids’ dresses have to be hazmat suits.

However, for those who do decide to go ahead and tie the knot, the Guilford County Register of Deeds office is offering a new way to obtain the needed licenses.

In addition to issuing marriage licenses for all walk-in lovebirds, the deeds office has now, due to the pandemic, made available video-conferencing appointments for the licenses.

Guilford County Register of Deeds Jeff Thigpen said that his office has worked recently to provide a video-conferencing model for marriage license applications to allow couples to apply without leaving home. He said the office tested the service before going live.

“This area has been clearly impacted by COVID,” Thigpen said of marriage-related deeds office services.

“We already offer a videoconferencing option for notary oaths, along with a number of modifications in services during COVID,” Thigpen stated.

The deeds office has been operating, but, of course, there have been a lot of precautions taken.

“It’s open, but It’s not fully open,” Thigpen said. “We’ll open passports back up in September but the rest has been functional since the beginning of the pandemic.”

Thigpen said there are a lot of online options and the office scheduling appointments for some services.

“Land records never closed,” he noted, adding that vital records – records about life and death events – are being dispersed and filed but modifications to the process.

Thigpen added that he hopes the new video marriage license application process will stimulate that activity. The budgeted revenue for marriage licenses for fiscal year 2019-2020 was $75,000 and that was falling short of expectations just before the final numbers for the year were reported.

To request more information on the new marriage license service or to schedule a walk-in or video conference appointment to obtain a marriage license, you or your spouse-to-be can contact the office at 336-641-7730 or 336-641-6935.