The arts contribute a great deal to life in Greensboro and Guilford County, and Creative Greensboro ­– the city’s office for arts and culture – wants to see more art in the community and wants the public more engaged with that art.

To that end, Creative Greensboro has selected the artists who’ll receive the 2024 residencies in the Greensboro Residency for Original Works, also known as GROW.

GROW is a “flexible creative space” managed by the city’s office for arts and culture.

As part of the program, “Compensated residencies of up to eight weeks are awarded to Guilford County-based creative individuals and organizations to produce new and original works that encourage visitation and engagement by the public.”

 The project is supported by the North Carolina Arts Council with funding from the National Endowment for the Arts. GROW is being supported by a “Spark the Arts” grant in the amount of $58,800 over two years.

Residencies in 2024 have been awarded to the following artists:

  • Sharon Graeber, who’ll offer sessions – beginning in January 2024 – “to improve the general public’s understanding of what architects do,” as well as to create large-scale artwork that will draw from her experiences growing up in east Greensboro.
  • Rae Cozart will research the connections “between gentrification, homelessness and neurodivergence and use fiber arts, sculpture and printmaking to share what they learn.”
  • Julya Mirro will lead discussions and workshops meant to help community members work collaboratively to produce a final performance piece at the end of her residency.
  • Alexis Armstrong will teach digital photography to 11 to17 years-old with a special focus on the effects of social media and the way it affects self-esteem and body image in young people.
  • Akiba Byrd will host poetry writing and workshops in the summer months.
  • Gail Cooper will use sound, painting and meditation to “create artwork and develop therapeutic art practices.”
  • Kimberly Harper will hold a series of art-making sessions from late August through September in which participants will create story quilts based on their own life experiences.
  • Sasha Woods will focus on art through fashion with a series of workshops on “modeling, sewing, hair and makeup, upcycling and sustainable fashion, fabric swaps, and fashion art exhibits.”
  • La’Toni Cromes will lead art workshops meant to foster creativity and imagination, as well as those that help reduce screen time and technology use among participants.

Those who wish to attend various programs or who would like more information can visit