Ask not for whom the bell tolls, and ask not for whom the tax collector comes for either – because the tax collector is coming for you. 

Each July, to the chagrin of property owners across the county, the Guilford County Tax Department sends out its bills.  This week, the department is mailing out the 2021 property tax bills. 

This year, a total of 140,708 tax bills are being mailed to property owners.  Included with the bills are two inserts: (1) information about a new digital government payment portal for credit card payers called “Pay It,” and (2) a personal reminder that, in 2022, there will be a complete revaluation of all the property in Guilford County.

The county’s tax rate this year is the same as it has been for years – and, while the rate is likely to remain the same for your bill next year as well, you’ll no doubt find yourself paying more in taxes in 2022 because property valuations have shot up in the five years since the last revaluation.  In Guilford County, those countywide reassessments of property values occur every five years.

Also, according to the department, an additional 83,551 letters are in the mail to property owners whose taxes are escrowed and paid by their mortgage lender. 

Full payment on or before Wednesday, January 5, 2022, is due if you want to avoid interest that will begin accumulating at midnight sharp on January 6. County officials also warn that  that “enforced collections” could begin on that date.

If you can’t wait for your tax bill and don’t mind spoiling the surprise, you can see your bill immediately online at

If you have additional information, please contact the Guilford County Tax Department at  (336) 641-3363 or by visiting the website.

If you think your tax rate is too high, it’s probably best to call your county commissioner instead of bending the ear of the tax people, who are, after all, just doing their job.