The Guilford County Division of Social Services is always seeking foster parents – a big responsibility – and, right now, for those who’d like something a little bit easier to handle than a new kid, the Guilford County Animal Services Department has a major need for foster families for dogs.

A recent all-caps exclamation-point-ending posting on the shelter’s Facebook page makes that clear.


The message from Animal Services leaders to the county’s animal lovers notes that taking on a dog – even for a short period of time – could be a life-saving move.

“The kennels are full,” the message reads, followed by a plea to, “Consider taking one home, even if just for a week. It could potentially save a life.”

The county’s Animal Services website adds, “As a foster parent, you are a volunteer and part of a massive life-saving mission to help prevent animal homelessness and overpopulation. As we expand our life-saving programs, working collaboratively is more crucial than ever, both in the shelter and outside of our front doors.”

Of course, the shelter’s foster program has a slight degree of unstated trickery to it. Shelter staff hope families fall so in love with a dog or other animal they foster that they just decide to keep the animal permanently.

Guilford County opened a brand new animal shelter in November 2021 at 980 Guilford College Road.  While much nicer than the former facility on West Wendover Avenue, the new shelter has a significantly lower capacity – which means Animal Services must now rely more on programs like the foster program to keep the population down.

If you’re interested in helping out the shelter, you can visit where you’ll find a wide variety of adorable dogs to choose from. If you see a pet you’re interested in fostering, you can contact Kendelle Federico, the shelter’s Foster Coordinator. Federico can be reached via email at or by text at 336-266-4138.