The Super Bowl Champion Los Angeles Rams are being celebrated and honored this week by the City of Los Angeles – but there’s another important recognition of a championship football team going on closer to home.  

At the Thursday, Feb.17 meeting of the Guilford County Board of Commissioners, the commissioners will adopt a resolution – and present a framed copy – in honor of the James B. Dudley Senior High School Panthers Football Team led by Coach Steven Davis.  The team won the 2021 State 3-A Football Championship on Friday, Dec. 10.

On Feb.17, Chairman of the Guilford County Board of Commissioners Skip Alston will read the resolution honoring Dudley for the team’s decisive championship win over J.H. Rose High School as well as for the other games Dudley won that put them in a position to win that championship.

Part of the resolution reads: “Whereas, this win marks the team’s first state championship in five years, bringing their total to seven State Football Championships; and Whereas, this is the first state football title for the Panthers since 2016 and will be a prominent jewel in the crown of Dudley athletic achievements; and Whereas, this victory brings the title back to Guilford County for a second straight year, bringing our football championships total to 34…. Now Therefore Be It Resolved by the Guilford County Board of Commissioners that it hereby congratulates the James B. Dudley Senior High School Football Team on their outstanding victory and hereby expresses its admiration and appreciation for the great pride and honor they have brought to our County as the 2021 State 3A Football Champions.”

So the evening should be enjoyable for the players and the commissioners alike; and, even though the board of six Democrats and three Republicans often disagree, this feel-good action will be something that the entire board should be able to come together on.

The resolution also states that Dudley persevered through a rigorous schedule with the help of a tough defense and powerful offense to achieve the highest football award in North Carolina High School athletics.

You know there must be some very good football players coming up through the ranks in Guilford County because, just last year, the Board of Commissioners honored the Grimsley Whirlies Football Team that defeated Cardinal Gibbons High School 28-8 to win the 4-A football state championship.