Earlier this week, Guilford County government announced that the Guilford County Board of Commissioners would be holding two public hearings regarding offering economic incentives for two companies making a combined investment of $57 million in the county.

However, sources say the hearings have been pulled from that agenda, so, when the agenda comes out for the Thursday, May 16 Guilford County Board of Commissioners meeting, the two projects will not be on there, and no economic incentives public hearings or votes will take place that night.

The first hearing that was announced earlier this week was for a company with the codename “Project Aggie,” which is going to invest $30 million in a new facility in southern Greensboro and create 40 new jobs.

The second announcement was for a new $27 million project, which goes under the codename “Project Mercury” and is bringing 80 new jobs to Greensboro and Guilford County.

The City of Greensboro, which was also planning to hold hearings and grant the two companies incentives, is also expected to postpone public hearings and economic incentives for the two companies.

However, while the news might seem alarming to those in the county who want to see more businesses come here, it’s not a sign of a change of heart by the companies or the local governments regarding incentives packages: The two as yet unnamed companies are still going to locate their new multi-million-dollar projects in Greensboro.

The delays in the public hearings are merely due to the fact that the State of North Carolina – which is also granting both companies incentives – wants to be the one to announce the names of the companies.

If Guilford County and Greensboro had gone ahead with plans to hold a public hearing on economic incentives packages for the companies, then clearly the names of those companies would have to be made public at that time.

So, expect to hear the state announce with great fanfare the name and nature of the two new businesses that are coming to Greensboro, and then, likely in June, the city and county will hold their own public hearings before granting the companies incentives.