Over the years, the buildings owned by Guilford County government have had more than their fair share of problems with leaky roofs, flooding and water damage.

That’s the main reason the Guilford County Board of Commissioners voted, on Friday, Feb. 3, to approve a massive waterproofing plan meant to address some long-standing water problems that have plagued a number of county buildings and other structures.

Guilford County Facilities and Property Management Director Eric Hilton presented the $6.7 million proposal to the Board of Commissioners in the clubhouse of Bur-Mil Park during the board’s annual retreat.

Two years ago, the Guilford County Facilities Department presented the commissioners with a list of needed rain and water intrusion mitigation projects – many of which have persisted for a long time.

The repairs are being paid for with money from the sale of “two-thirds” bonds.  Those are special bonds that local governments in North Carolina can issue without a vote by the people.

In 2022, the county issued $41 million in two-thirds bonds and part of those proceeds will be used to pay for the projects.

Leaks and other water intrusion issues will be fixed in the following county-owned facilities:

  • The jail in downtown Greensboro. The new jail is only 10 years old but it’s already periodically needing a good deal of repairs. Work crews will reseal a number of exterior joints to prevent water from getting into the jail.
  • The High Point Courthouse Plaza. The project calls for the elimination of water leaks in the tunnel that’s used by the Sheriff’s Department to move inmates into and out of the courthouse.
  • The jail in High Point. Crews will repair masonry joints and repair faulty sealant.
  • The courthouse in Greensboro. Exterior sealants will be repaired.
  • Guilford County Public Health facilities in Greensboro. Exterior sealants will be repaired.