The number of coronavirus cases in Guilford County has been rising – and so have the number of restrictions being handed down from Guilford County government.

On Friday, April 10 – Good Friday, that is – Guilford County announced new modifications to a previously issued and amended countywide stay-at-home order.

The timing of the rules pertaining to religious services was no doubt thanks to the fact that Easter Sunday was coming up on the calendar.

According to the newly amended order, which went into effect on Friday at 5 p.m., “Drive-In” religious services – which will take place at some area churches since it’s prohibited to get together in the usual way that Easter worshipers always have – are limited to 50 vehicles.

And that’s just for starters.

The new order states that “Drive-In” religious services can only be held once a week and also that everyone “not actively engaged in presenting the service” is required to stay inside their vehicles.

And, just like people are required to do these days, the cars also have to keep their distance.

“There must be at least six feet of separation between the sides of vehicles, i.e., cars must have a parking space of separation,” the order reads, adding, “Designate six-foot distances with signage, tape, or by other means. Leaving an empty, marked parking space at least six foot wide between each vehicle is compliant.”

If your family wants to take a van to the service, you’re out of luck: “No buses or vans except for minivans.”

Those conducting the services outside of their cars also have to keep a distance of six feet from each other, as well as from the vehicles that have people in them.

Here are some other new restrictions the order puts into effect on Friday:

  • There can only be members of a single family within each vehicle.
  • Vehicle occupancy is limited to the number of seating spaces equipped with seatbelts.
  • People can’t sit in truck beds or on vehicle exteriors.

Other than all that – and the prevalence of masks and gloves – everyone should enjoy a typical Easter Sunday.