The Guilford County Planning Board is conducting a public hearing early next month to determine if it should allow land near the intersection of Harvey Road and Riverdale Road – on the north side of Business Loop I-85 – to be used for office and light industrial uses such as equipment rental, warehousing and a variety of other potential purposes.

The nearly three acres of land in the Jamestown area near Furnitureland South will be considered for a rezoning from residential use to light industrial use with some conditions attached on the business use of the property – restrictions largely meant to keep the area attractive to those driving by.

The rezoning is being requested by the property owner, Ritch Face Veneer Co., which makes specialized wood veneer products for everything from boardrooms to airplane interiors.

The proposed zoning change would be limited to conditional uses that include the following: “1) Contractors, General Building (i.e. building, roofing, electrical); 2) Manufacturing or processing uses permitted in the Light Industrial zoning district; 3) Equipment rental and leasing (with outside storage); 4) Wholesale trade of machinery equipment and supplies; 5) Employment agency, personnel agency; 6) Educational, research; 7) Warehouse (general storage, enclosed).”

A few other uses would be permitted as well if the rezoning is approved.

Some of the proposed conditions on the business activity there include that any headquarters and office use be concentrated near I-85 and that both indoor and outdoor storage, as well as maintenance activities, be located away from the interstate in order to maintain “a well kept appearance to passers-by.”

The Planning Board will hold the hearing at a meeting that starts at 5:45 pm. on Wednesday, Oct. 9 in the Blue Room on the first floor of the Old Guilford County Court House.

The proposed use is inconsistent with the county’s Southwest Area Plan – which calls for that land to be residential single-family property – so approval by the Planning Board would require an amendment to that area plan.