On Wednesday, Dec. 11, the Guilford County Planning Board will consider several rezoning requests as well as a “special use permit” request that would mean changes for four properties in the county. The board meeting will be held at 6 p.m. in the Blue Room of the Old Guilford County Court House in downtown Greensboro.

One of those requests is for property owned by the Cockman Family Enterprises LLC at 6507 Interstate Drive – which is near Whitsett on the southwest side of the intersection of Burlington Road and Center Crest Drive. At the meeting, the board will determine if that land should be rezoned from the category of Light Industrial to Highway Business.

Another case the county Planning Board will hear on December 11 regards land on the east side of US-29 North that’s about 3,500 feet north of the intersection of US-29 and NC-150. That property is currently zoned Residential (RS-30). The request is to rezone the property to Highway Business.

That proposed rezoning isn’t consistent with the county’s current Northern Lakes Area Plan – which calls for “Agricultural/Rural Residential” zoning for that land – so, if that rezoning is approved, there would also need to be an amendment to the Northern Lakes plan.

In another case that will be heard that night, the county Planning Board is being asked to rezone 283 acres on the east side of North Church Street – north of Church Street’s intersection with Ariel Farm Road from residential and agricultural (RS-40 & AG) to Rural Preservation District. If approved, that land will be restricted to “single-family and customary accessory uses.”

The Planning Board will also hear a request for a special use permit from Landscape and Horticultural Services at 8414 Norcross Road in Colfax. That land is on the north side of Norcross Road, just west of the intersection of Sandy Ridge Road. The petitioners are seeking a special use permit to open and operate Landscape and Horticultural Services with the conditions that the property won’t be open to the public and the residence on that property will be used as an office for staff during normal business hours.