The movie Local Herocame out in 1983 but the Guilford County Board of Commissioners is about to honor a true local hero right now in 2020. 

On Thursday, Feb. 6, the Board of Commissioners will take the rare step of honoring a private citizen with a “Good Samaritan” resolution.  The recognition will go to Cody Byrd,  a graduate student at NC A&T State University who recently prevented the kidnapping of a young girl at the Biscuitville on West Market Street in Greensboro.

On Friday, Dec. 27, Byrd saw a 55-year old man trying to grab an eight-year-old girl.  Byrd stepped in to stop the kidnapping and he later helped police identify the culprit. When the abduction attempt began, Byrd intervened and shouted, “What are you doing?  Do you know her? “ Byrd also took pictures of the would-be kidnapper as well as his automobile.  

The commissioners usually pass a resolution or two at every meeting in honor of various causes or marking certain historic events.  However, it’s rare for that elected body to hand out a special honor such as this to a citizen who performed a brave act or a good deed.

In the incident, the girl and her mother were getting breakfast at the Biscuitville, and the girl got up from the table to use the restroom. Once separated from her mother, she was accosted by the stranger who attempted to drag her out of the restaurant.

The county’s resolution calls Byrd’s efforts to prevent the crime “heroic” and noted that his testimony and the photos he snapped were an “invaluable aid to City of Greensboro Police Department officers.”  

The alleged culprit was arrested later that day.

Byrd said after the event that he had “just acted on his gut feeling.”  He also said that his training as an Eagle Scout had taught him to stay alert.

A draft of the resolution the Board of Commissioners will adopt reads, “Whereas, his courage and vigilance saved this young girl from a devastating attack and speak to Mr. Byrd’s outstanding character and fearlessness in the face of imminent danger … Now, therefore let it be resolved that the Guilford County Board of Commissioners do hereby recognize and celebrate Mr. Cody Byrd as a Guilford County ‘Good Samaritan,’ whose compassionate act of heroism represents the spirit of selflessness, bravery and concern for others that uplifts and unites our community.”