Cone Health has been doing a lot of shuffling of its services and locations in recent years, and now the closure of Primary Care at Pomona at 102 Pomona Dr. in Greensboro will come as a disappointment to many in that area who used the location to get medical care.

This week, regular clients of the facility received a letter thanking them for relying on the Primary Care over the years.  The letter added, “We are writing to let you know that Primary Care at Pomona will close on March 25, 2022, and we invite you to continue to see your provider at their new location.”

The notice, dated March 21, then lists the doctors and other medical professionals who saw patients at Primary Care at Pomona, and it gives their new locations.  Some are moving to LeBauer Healthcare at Summerfield Village in Summerfield. Some are heading to LeBauer Healthcare at 709 Green Valley Road in Greensboro – and one provider is leaving the Cone health system entirely.

The letter to clients notes that Cone Health is still “eager” to provide care for the patients who used the Pomona office – though of course that will mean a much longer drive for some.

Cone Health has been shuffling the system in other ways as well. In March 2021, Cone shut down its Green Valley campus – formerly known as the “Woman’s Hospital of Greensboro.”

During the pandemic that site was used to treat COVID-19 patients. However, Cone Health later sold the campus after COVID-19 numbers fell.

When those numbers rose again to new heights, some community leaders were wondering if Cone had shut down the COVID-19-only treatment facility too early.

In 1990, Cone bought that facility and began using it as the Woman’s Hospital and it became a site where many babies were born over the years.