The Guilford County Board of Commissioners has scheduled an afternoon work session for Thursday, Sept. 2, to discuss a variety of issues facing the county – matters that the pandemic has tended to push aside but ones that need to be addressed. 

At the meeting, which is expected to last about two hours, the board will review potential text amendments to Guilford County Board of Health Rules that pertain to well water safety and solid waste health hazards and also discuss some proposed amendments to Guilford County Code of Ordinances Chapter 4, which pertains to ambulance services.

At the work session, the commissioners will also receive an update on Guilford County’s American Rescue Plan Act funding plans and “conduct any other necessary business.”  Guilford County, like many local governments across the country, has received a whole lot of money in the last year and a half thanks to a host of federal pandemic rescue programs.  County staff has been working overtime to make sure those funds are spent effectively and legally.  Staff also wants to make sure all the money gets spent fast enough so that the county doesn’t have to give any of it back. 

The meeting will be at 3:30 p.m. in the Blue Room on the first floor of the Old County Court House in downtown Greensboro, but don’t bother showing up because, as the work session announcement states in all caps, “THE MEETING ROOM WILL NOT BE OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.”

The work session will be available online  and anyone who wants to watch can do so by joining the Zoom event with a computer, tablet or smartphone at  (If required, enter meeting ID 856 1506 2365 at the prompt.)

The meeting will also be livestreamed on Guilford County’s Facebook page.

Copies of the work session agenda will be available at some point before the meeting starts at

 You can contact Guilford County Deputy Clerk Ariane Webb at if you have any questions.