This year 112 nonprofit organizations applied to Guilford County for a total of about $10 million in the 2023-2024 fiscal year budget and the county decided to fund nearly half of those to the tune of $1,885,000.

Though there’s seemingly no rhyme or reason as to which groups got funded and which did not, there is always one factor that helps some groups get on the list. One or more commissioners favors that nonprofit and asked that they be included.  In some cases, commissioners insist on a groups inclusion in order to vote for the budget.

Each year at budget time, there are always a lot of interesting aspects to the nonprofit funding decisions by the Board of Commissioners. The late Carolyn Coleman, who as a commissioner always fought for the African-American Atelier to get money, wasn’t there this time to champion the small downtown Greensboro art gallery’s cause.  However, the Atelier got $50,000 once again this year in the 2023-2024 Guilford County budget.

Families Against Senseless Killings got $25,000, while Feral Cats Program in High Point got $10,000 but other groups that also do good work didn’t get any taxpayer money.

Some organizations getting funding to help preserve “access to healthcare, wellbeing and food security” in the county were A Simple Gesture ($15,000), Arc of High Point ($20,000), Combat Female Veterans Families United ($50,000), Commander Peace Academy ($20,000), Concept Innovators ($5,000), Growing High Point ($20,000), Senior Resources ($50,000), The MIND Group ($25,000) and the Triad Food Pantry ($50,000).

The International Civil Rights Center and Museum, which was co-founded by Chairman of the Guilford County Board of Commissioners Skip Alston, got way more than any other group – $200,000.  That’s for the museum’s effort to become a World Heritage landmark like the Statue of Liberty and the Grand Canyon.

The nonprofit to get the next largest amount of money was the Southwest Renewal Foundation of High Point, which got $125,000 in taxpayer money.

Next in line, as far as amounts go, were the United Arts Council of Greater Greensboro, the Carl Chavis YMCA and Sister Circle International, which each got $75,000.

The county commissioners never explained why these groups are getting funding rather than others, nor have they explained how the amounts were decided.  The Dudley Panther Athletic Club, for instance, got $50,000 while the Southwest High School Booster Club got $5,000 and all the other school booster clubs in the county each got $0.

Some funded groups included Kids Poetry Basketball, the Diaper Bank of North Carolina, the Pleasant Garden Fire Department and The Sparrow’s Nest doing business as the Black Suit Initiative.

There are too many funded nonprofits to name, but a complete list of those receiving county money and the amounts can be found by visiting and scrolling down to page 18.