Guilford County Commissioner Alan Branson got his foot stomped on by a 3,500-pound bull this week when he was trying to get the perfect photo for his reelection campaign in his county commissioners District 4 race.

Branson is using the slogan “The Bull Stops Here” for his campaign and he figured that called for a photo of him riding a giant bull. So, Branson, along with some fellow Republican candidates and elected officials, went out to MossyRock Farm in Guilford County for what proved to be an entertaining get-together. Everyone was having a grand old time until a moment when Branson was helping another Republican onto the bull. The very large animal drove his foot into Branson’s foot, causing the commissioner terrific pain.

Branson got the picture he wanted but, days later, he said his foot still hurt.

When asked what it feels like for a 3,500-pound bull to stomp on your foot, Branson said he would not recommend it.

“It felt like a dump truck ran over my foot,” Branson said.

There’s no word on whether the bull in question is a Democrat.

Branson later posted on Facebook that he wanted to thank Todd Barfield and his family for sharing their “beautiful farm and animals to help promote my 2020 re-election campaign.”

Some of the photos have already made their way onto social media and, according to Branson, there will be more from Andy Griffin’s Photo Video.

That was just one issue in what turned out to be a jinxed week for the commissioner who, after the photoshoot, was traveling with his wife to Atlantic Beach in his large camper. The camper blew a tire, and, after Branson jacked up the vehicle and replaced that tire, a spareless Branson blew another tire. It ended up with a service truck putting four new tires on the camper on the side of the highway.   The normally four-hour trip to the beach took eight hours.