On Monday, Nov. 15 at 6:07 p.m., the Guilford County Board of Commissioners took an action that’s been looked forward to for months by many in the county.  The board voted quickly and unanimously to do away with the mandate requiring that masks be worn while indoors at public places in Guilford County.  

That rule, punishable by fines, has been in effect since August and – pandemic or not – many people in the county were very glad to see it go. 

Over the last several months, the commissioners have been getting a whole lot of negative reviews of the mandate.

The recension of the rule was effective immediately upon the vote.

The entire Board of Commissioners Monday evening meeting lasted only 10 minutes – just long enough for the board to make the motion, second it, take the vote and offer a few reminders to people who may feel like celebrating. 

After the vote, Chairman of the Guilford Board of Commissioners Skip Alston said it was important everyone remember that, just because Guilford County has rescinded its mandate doesn’t mean that people can ignore mandates that may be in place in specific areas.

 Alston reminded those watching the short Zoom  meeting that mandates were still in effect at places like schools and airports and noted that Guilford County government will continue to closely monitor the course of the COVID-19 pandemic in this county. 

Alston also, as he often does these days when he speaks publicly, encouraged everyone who has not been vaccinated yet to get vaccinated.

Alston also pointed out to any Guilford County employees who may have been watching the meeting that the county still has an indoor mask mandate in place for county employees and for those people visiting county buildings.