Guilford County Commissioner Kay Cashion had an interesting experience on Election Day 2022 – a day that saw her get reelected to the Guilford County Board of Commissioners’ only at-large seat for another four years. Cashion learned a couple of things when asking voters for their support on Tuesday, Nov. 8 as they went to the polls: (1) The Guilford County Agricultural Center at 3309 Burlington Road in Greensboro is not a polling place in the General Election, and (2) Despite that, a lot of people think that it is.

Cashion told the Rhino Times that, while she was hitting polls on Election Day to ask for votes, she went to the Guilford County Ag Center.

“I thought that was a place where voters were voting,” the long-time commissioner said, adding that the Ag Center had been a popular early voting spot.

Cashion was surprised when she arrived there and there were voters, but there was no voting going on: Though the center was an early voting location, it wasn’t a place where people could cast votes on Election Day.

She came across other cars of confused people who also thought they would be able to cast their votes at the Ag Center, just as many of their friends had done during the General Election.

Cashion spoke with the other voters and, lucky for them, she’s a county commissioner who knew to call the county’s elections board office.

The commissioner said she called the Guilford County Board of Elections and, for each of the voters at the Ag Center attempting to vote, she gave their names and information. The elections board office, in turn, let those people know the proper polling places where they could cast a legal Election Day vote.

If Cashion were a craftier politician – or a worse human being – she could have asked people if they were voting for her, and, if not, sent them to the wrong polling place, However, Cashion reportedly treated everyone fairly, and all of the confused Ag Center voters presumably ended up at the correct polling places and were able to cast their votes that day.