Guilford County Commissioner Kay Cashion was finally back in commission on Thursday, April 18, after a huge scare several weeks ago in Florida that left her with a shattered left arm and wrist and put her in a great deal of pain.

That accident, which caused her to miss county meetings for the past month, will take a long time to completely recover from; however, at the county commissioners meeting Thursday night, commissioners, county staff and others told Cashion publically they were very pleased to see her back in action after the terrible fall she took.

Last month, Cashion was in Miami on a business trip.  She was walking along a sidewalk with others when she tripped and slammed onto the concrete, landing on her left arm and hand.  She said the pain was excruciating after the fall and said that the emergency responders who arrived on the scene could only lift her in one very particular way given the pain and the way it shot through her body any time they tried to move her.

Cashion had an initial medical procedure done on the arm at a hospital in Miami before flying back to Greensboro and undergoing more comprehensive surgery at Cone Hospital.

At the April 18 meeting, many county commissioners welcomed her back and expressed their sympathy.

In turn, Cashion thanked them.

“I would like to thank members of the Board of Commissioners for all the support that you have shown me over the last three weeks – all the notes, cards, letters calls and food,” she said at the meeting.  “I very much appreciate it. This injury has been a bear, and I’m not done with it yet, it’s going to be a long haul, but thank you very much.”

Cashion said Thursday that she is hoping to get a part of the cast taken off later this month.

She told the Rhino Timesin an email soon after the fall, that she was “not a happy camper!”