Guilford County At-large Commissioner Kay Cashion is a constant attendee at state and national conferences that relate to best practices for county governments and that attempt to persuade state and federal lawmakers to back local government initiatives.

Due largely to those past efforts, Cashion has once again received a lofty committee assignment at the national level.

This week, Cashion and several other Guilford County commissioners have been attending the National Association of Counties (NACo) convention in Denver. While there, newly installed NACo President Denise Winfrey of Will County, Illinois, re-appointed Cashion as the vice-chair of NACo’s Justice and Public Safety Steering Committee.

Cashion has been active on the committee for years, and she even served a two-year stint as the chair during previous NACo administrations.

The Justice and Public Steering Committee is a key committee in many ways. It consists of subcommittees on Courts and Corrections, Homeland Security, Juveniles, and Law Enforcement.

Cashion has recently also been the vice chair of Arts and Culture Committee as well as a member of the Veteran’s Steering Committee, among others.

Just about any time the Board of Commissioners needs to appoint a voting member to a state or federal meeting of local government officials, Cashion gets the nod from her fellow commissioners due to her previous experience.

Cashion said this week that she really enjoys serving on these committees and in the past she has said that she thinks it’s very important for Guilford County to have some input at these higher levels.

“I am pleased to be appointed again in this leadership role representing North Carolina and Guilford County at the national level,” she said after the appointment.