Now that nearly everyone in Greensboro has a nice new City of Greensboro-approved yard waste container to go along with their trash container and recyclables container, city leaders are offering advice on what you can do with your old trusty personal yard waste containers that you’ve been using for years.

Sadly, those containers only have two months of city-related usability left.  Starting on Monday, July 1, city crews will no longer collect yard waste from your personal containers. Instead, everyone must use the city-issued, 95-gallon gray containers that suddenly appeared in front of their houses in the last few weeks.

Greensboro is full of ideas and, on Tuesday, April 30, the city posted on its website a list of ideas as to what you can do with those old containers.

One suggestion: Use it to transport yard waste to your 95-gallon container or to store extra yard waste between pickups. On heavy yard waste weeks, the city’s limits on pickups may not meet your needs. So, you can use the old can as extra storage until the next time city crews come around to collect your yard waste.

Another suggestion from the city is to “Repurpose it.” Just keep your personal containers and put them to other uses.  According to city officials, “City crews WILL collect up to two, 32-gallon personal containers worth of HOUSEHOLD CONSTRUCTION DEBRIS on your bulk collection day. Keep each under 50 pounds.”

Another idea the city offers is to use it for storing items in your garage.  It’s great for storing things like “firewood, shovels, rakes, baseball bats or other sports equipment.”

Or, if you so choose, you can “Keep hard-to-recycle items in it between trips to drop sites: hazardous waste, electronics, glass, or Styrofoam.”

Other ideas are to use your old yard waste container as a rain barrel or to start composting.

“Transform it into a garden bed,” city officials suggest.

You can also just give it away.

 “Offer it for free to members of the community via social media sites like Nextdoor or Facebook, which hosts ‘Buy Nothing’ and ‘Everything Absolutely Free’ groups in our area,” the city advises.

If none of that works for you, the city has one last end-of-life suggestion.  Throw it away. You can dispose of it by calling the City of Greensboro Contact Center at 336-373-CITY and scheduling for the container to be picked up as bulk trash.