Charlotte, North Carolina tragically became the center of national news on Monday, April 29, when a team of law enforcement officers attempting to serve a warrant – on a felon suspected of possessing a firearm illegally – was assailed with bullets from an assault rifle.

Four law enforcement officers were killed in the shooting, including a deputy US marshal and two local task force officers. Four other officers were also shot.

The felon was shot and killed, and two people inside the house at the time are being questioned by authorities.

On Tuesday night, April 30, national news shows aired footage of the shootout.  One homeowner near the house said that, during the shootout, the neighborhood “looked like a warzone.”

On Tuesday, the City of Greensboro released a statement of sympathy for, and unity with, the dead and the injured officers, their families and the law enforcement agencies affected.

“The City of Greensboro stands in solidarity with the leadership and residents of Charlotte in the aftermath of yesterday’s deadly shooting,” the statement reads.

“The City extends condolences to the families of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Officer and the three fallen members of the US Marshals Service and the Marshals Service Task Force. They made the ultimate sacrifice and for that, we are in their eternal debt. Our thoughts are also with the officers who were injured. We value their sacrifice of service and hope they fully recover and return to duty.”

The statement notes that the Greensboro Police Department has contacted the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department and offered whatever assistance it can.

“We stand ready if called upon,” it reads.

The statement adds that the Greensboro officers stand with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg police, the US Marshals Service, the Marshals Service Task Force, and the families of the injured or killed, who were in the act of “upholding their oath to protect and serve.”

Greensboro Mayor Nancy Vaughan stated in the somber press release: “Together, we must stand against the senseless acts of gun violence. This is tearing our communities apart, resulting in the unnecessary and untimely loss of lives.”