If you want your kid to learn some things while being entertained – well, the perfect place for that will be open once again after being closed for major construction for the first month of 2023.

The Miriam P. Brenner Children’s Museum in downtown Greensboro will reopen this week on Wednesday, Feb. 1.

The new and improved museum promises to be better than ever after the extensive renovations that include new flooring, a new PA system, an updated security system, heating, ventilation and air conditioning improvements, resurfaced roofing, renovated bathrooms and upgraded multi-use rooms.

The revamped museum also has a new “Construction Zone” exhibit.

The money for the improvements came from the “Miriam P. Brenner Children’s Museum Building for Tomorrow” capital campaign ­– which has so far raised over $2 million for these and other enhancements. The February re-opening completes Phase 2 of the campaign’s 3-phase upgrade plan.

The museum, at 220 N. Church St., is a 37,000-square-foot facility that contains about two dozen permanent exhibitions meant to encourage “experimental learning” among kids.

At the museum, children learn from hands-on activities meant to bring about “growth, play, creation, and exploration.”

The Children’s Museum is based on an “Our Town” theme – with a market, doctor’s office, theater and pizza parlor on “Main Street” where children experience real-life activities, jobs, tasks and travel.

To celebrate and show off the changes, the museum will host an open house on February 1, during its regular hours of operation from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. admission will be half-price all day ($5, that is) for non-members, and free for members.

Also, the first 50 children in the museum will receive a branded construction hat.

In addition, on Wednesday, museum visitors will be able to “play a scavenger hunt for a prize, tour the facility to see its updates, and speak with staff about the Museum’s current and future offerings.”

Continuing with the capital campaign’s efforts, visitors can expect to see new and updated exhibits in 2023, including new race car and theatre exhibits and an updated post office area.