A lot of people are working hard to see that the county’s residents vote to pass a $1.7 billion school bond to help pay for repairs and new construction of Guilford County School buildings. 

One of those is Chairman of the Guilford County Board of Commissioners Skip Alston.  With the process in motion for the referendum to be on the ballot in 2022, Alston has begun a tour of county schools.  He plans to tour one school a week in an effort to see firsthand many of the repairs that are needed in Guilford County Schools.

On Wednesday, Dec. 1, Alston, along with Guilford County Commissioner Carly Cooke, took a tour of Page High School.  Alston invited local TV and print media along on this trip.

Alston said it’s important for people to see the condition of the schools because many people in the county have no kids or have kids who are grown –  so it’s been a long time since they have seen what the schools look like and the condition they’re in.

Alston said his children went to Dudley High School years ago.

“I haven’t been in a school in years and really looked,” Alston said.

He said those who do see the conditions in some county schools will be downright shocked.

Alston got the idea for the weekly tours after a November experience in which he – and other Guilford County officials – got to be “Principal For A Day.”  Alston said that when he played principle for a day he was amazed at how many repairs were needed at the school. 

At a Guilford County Board of Commissioners meeting last month, Alston gave an impassioned speech to fellow board members on the topic.  He said that,  given what he had seen of school system needs, he wanted all the commissioners to take tours to have some first-hard views of the problems as well.