This week Chairman of the Guilford County Board of Commissioners Skip Alston said that former Commissioner Alan Branson, who is challenging the $1.7 billion school bond that passed in the May primary election, is following the same tactics as former President Donald Trump and many other Republicans across the country.

Alston said Branson is simply doing everything he can to cast doubt upon election results.

“He’s trying to continue pushing ‘The Big Lie’” Alston said, referring to the term Trump critics use regarding Trump’s denial of his loss in the 2020 presidential election.

Branson and his attorneys have filed complaints with the Guilford County Board of Election arguing that taxpayer money was used illegally to help the $1.7 million school bond pass.

Alston said the school bond’s passed with 61 percent of the voters approving.

“It’s not like it was 51 percent to 49,” Alston said of the victory margin.

He added that Branson used the same “Trump”  tactics two years ago when he lost a close election to current Guilford County Commissioner Mary Beth Murphy.  At that time, Branson challenged the election results, which meant Branson continued to be a commissioner until the challenge was settled in Murphy’s favor.

“He was making votes that rightly should have been Mary Beth’s votes,” Alston said. “He’s been using the same tactics Republicans all over the country are using – Trump’s attempt to call into question all election results.”

Alston also said that, in this case, Branson, who is currently the Republican at-large commissioner candidate running against Democrat Kay Cashion, is trying to drum up the “35 percent of Trump voters” in the county – but Alston said that he believes this is a losing strategy for Branson.

“I think he has some loose marbles,” Alston said of the former commissioner.

“The vast majority of voters wanted the school bond referendum to pass – 61 percent,” Alston said.  “I hope he [Branson]  loses the race to Kay 61 percent to 39 percent,” adding that that would be a bit of poetic justice for Branson given Branson’s attack on the large school bond referendum.