The Carolina Core soccer team in High Point – officially Carolina Core Football Club – doesn’t start playing games until 2024, but 2023 is the year that club owners have been methodically putting the team together.

Renovations have been made to the High Point Rockers stadium in downtown High Point. Team management has been hired and, recently, the team announced its first two players.

Of course, two players do not a professional soccer team make, and, for that reason, the team, on Wednesday, Oct. 25, announced that it’s holding its second open tryouts for area players who think they have what it takes to play in the NEXT Pro League – a league that feeds players into the highest level of Major League Soccer.

The open tryouts will take place on Saturday, Dec.16.  Aspiring soccer stars should arrive bright eyed and bushy tailed Saturday at 9 a.m.

All attendees must be at least 15 years old.  There’s no maximum age threshold, but, honestly, if you’re over 80, you’re chances of making the team are likely pretty slim.

All players who try out will receive two T-Shirts and be provided with lunch.

The cost of registering will be $125 and that payment is non-refundable.  That’s $25 higher than the cost of the first tryout – but inflation is hitting hard everywhere else so why should professional soccer tryouts be any different.

No walkup registrations will be accepted on the day of open tryouts: Registration must be completed online before December 16.

As of October 25, the location for the tryouts had not yet been determined.

You can register at the following easy to remember link…–ZwKVdGvK0AMZd5iS6V9YaFEzM3iicHGfY4OVOFfKy_qsBVx-qFQ-hlwQN1QN8AE1eQNRXTHwKoEYMiwndEEDcPIKWAWfiTsbnSRFNSl74JaD1c0w&utm_content=279868339&utm_source=hs_email