The Wyndham Championship golf tournament has always been used to promote this area. 

By focusing the eyes of golf fans across the nation on Greensboro for four days each year, those involved in economic development are thrilled that potential businesses get an extended positive presentation on the beauty of the area and the friendly disposition of the people.

This year there’s an added bonus for the area. Golf fans driving through the region during the Wyndham Championship are getting a warm welcome through a new billboard campaign from the Carolina Core organization.

The effort, an economic development initiative by the group with the same “Carolina Core” name, is part of a larger strategy by the group.

  Carolina Core is an attempt to link and market four megasites in central North Carolina, and other assets such as the colleges and universities in the region, under a single brand: “Carolina Core.” 

President and CEO of Piedmont Triad Partnership Stan Kelly said this strategy makes a lot of sense.

“This region has so much to offer and we are experiencing great economic momentum,” he said, “so why not shout it from the rooftops – or billboards in this case. From our robust workforce to the ease of living, there are many advantages to living and working in the Carolina Core, and now is the time to share the good news.”

The digital billboard campaign is running from Monday, August 9 to Sunday, August 15, in four highly visible spots frequented by Wyndham Championship attendees.  The billboards feature messages about the “regional economic momentum and strength” of the region.

In 2018, the Carolina Core group set a goal of adding 50,000 new jobs to the Core region within two decades.

Here’s the group’s description of the positives of the central North Carolina region that it touts: “The region is also a hotbed for talent, boasting access to more than 30 colleges and universities awarding more than 27,000 degrees and credentials over the last year.  Additionally, the Carolina Core is home to more than 200 aerospace companies in the local supply chain and employers have a robust workforce of more than 2 million workers to pull from in the region.  These facts, along with others, will be the focus of the campaign.”