On Sunday, April 28, the United Way of Greater Greensboro is holding a unique fundraiser that will include music, mimosas and merriment. The fun-loaded event is the group’s 2nd annual “Brunch & Bubbles,” hosted by the United Way Young Leaders and featuring live music by renowned Greensboro-based musician J. Timber.

Oh, and it will also include: shrimp and grits, craft beer and gourmet waffles.

And, of course, it’s all for a good cause. Proceeds from Brunch & Bubbles will go to support the United Way of Greater Greensboro’s Family Success Centers.  The Family Success Center model addresses the needs of families living on low incomes by offering bundled services in one easily accessible location that’s tailored to meet those particular needs.  That program is part of the broader “End Poverty” effort by the group meant to, just as the name says, end local poverty.

Brunch & Bubbles, which will take place on April 28, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Revolution Mill Color Works Meeting Space, has a host of sponsors including Cone Health, ITG Brands, Lincoln Financial, Pepper Moon Catering, Revolution Mill, Proctor & Gamble, Concrete Express, Arch Mortgage and the Ashby Family.

Those who come out will be able to enjoy bingo with the opportunity to win some impressive prizes, and they’ll also have a chance to compete in Jenga and corn hole while simultaneously “making new connections with caring community professionals.”

The music at the event promises to be great as well. Timber, who’s originally from New York, moved to Greensboro where, nearly a decade ago, Joey Barnes – the former drummer of the Chris Daughtry Band – heard him playing and decided to produce Timber’s first record.  Since then, Timber has frequently played around the state and he has opened for major acts such as Boys II Men.

The United Way describes Timber as “known for his soulful voice and heart for life.”  That’s expressed in his unique mix of pop, rock and soul that’s expected to delight the attendees at the April 28 event.

Timber said this week that Brunch & Bubbles is much more than just another place to perform.

“I have dreams to touch the world and leave a real impact, but I can’t claim to be a part of the world if I don’t start with my own community,” he said.

He added that he’s very grateful to be working with the United Way to help end poverty in Greensboro and he’s excited about performing at the upcoming event.

“Music brings people together and I can’t wait to share my gift of music for this important cause,” he said.

Those interested can get tickets at unitedwaygso.org/brunch.

According to stats from the United Way, Greensboro is hit particularly hard by poverty.  The group states that 57,000 Greensboro residents, including one out of every four children, live in poverty.  The United Way also states that the federal government defines poverty as a family of four earning $24,600 per year. According to local self-sufficiency standards, the organization claims, many four-member households need to earn around $60,000 to meet their basic needs without subsidized assistance.