These are trying times but that still doesn’t give people the right to have 67 pounds of marijuana in their house – which is what the Guilford County Sheriff’s Department deputies found at a house on New Garden Road this week.

The drug bust occurred when the department’s Vice and Narcotics Unit exercised a search warrant at 2205 New Garden Road in northwest Greensboro where suspected drug activity was taking place. At the residence, deputies confiscated about $1,000 in cash, the large haul of weed and a firearm that had been stolen from the Greensboro Police Department.

As a result of that bust, two people were arrested and charged with a range of crimes including trafficking in marijuana, conspiracy to traffic, maintaining a dwelling for the purpose of selling marijuana and possession of a stolen firearm.

Both of the accused received a $40,000 secured bond.

According to Sheriff’s Department officials, the investigation is ongoing.

The address is in northwest Greensboro between Battleground Road and Old Battleground Road, near the Walmart supercenter.

The bust comes after a productive year for the Vice and Narcotics Unit of the Sheriff’s Department. In 2019, the unit seized 40 guns ­– five of which were stolen – as well as more than $400,000 in cash, 36 kilos of cocaine and 27 pounds of marijuana. The unit also collected a healthy amount of methamphetamines, ecstasy, and heroin last year.

The Vice and Narcotics Unit isn’t the only unit in the Sheriff’s Department that confiscated drugs last year. The department’s Specialized Enforcement Unit seized 1,578 pounds of marijuana and 63 pounds of other THC products. That unit also seized over $160,000 in cash in 2019.

The department uses both a low flying plane and numerous ATV’s to find and jail those growing the substance that, in many states, is perfectly legal.