A program started by Guilford County Animal Services is calling on Guilford County residents to put their detective skills to work to help reunite lost animals with their owners.

 The initiative – called the Animal Services Pet Detective Program – is a new volunteer effort that encourages the county’s animal lovers to work with the shelter to help out with a good cause.

The Pet Detective Program uses the internet – social media sites, websites, neighborhood sites – and the NextDoor App, to help find pet owners.

 Those who take part in the benevolent online endeavor post pictures of strays and lost and found reports, and then they, along with other program participants, attempt to find matches from owners who have posted descriptions and pictures of lost pets.

For instance, the dog in the picture above, which was taken in by Animal Services on March 30 is looking for its owner.

Guilford County Animal Services is seeking as many participants as it can get for the Pet Detective program since, the more people in the county that there are looking for, sharing and cross-referencing pet info and pictures, the greater the chances of getting those lost pets back home.

You don’t need any special training to help out the bewildered animals and sad pet owners. The first step is just joining the Guilford County Animal Services Pet Detective Facebook Group and then you can take it from there.

Animal Services posts pictures of lost, found and stray animals so that the detectives can access and share the post widely enough that someone will recognize the pet and know who – or figure out who – it belongs to.

Animals Services is also inviting members of the public to directly post their lost/found pets on the Facebook page as well as pictures from lost animals posted on telephone poles or wherever.

 If you find a match, or have any questions about the group, you can message Animal Services on Facebook, post a comment on the pet’s photo, or send an email to hscott@guilfordcountync.gov.