Do you like beer? Fried pickles? Do you like unique and interesting moviegoing experiences?

Well, if so, you’re in luck.  Greensboro’s brand new Golden Ticket Cinema Ale House + Elite theater has opened up in the Brassfield Shopping Center at the site of the old Brassfield Theater that went out of business in 2020.

The movie business is very competitive right now, so theaters need a few things that distinguish them from the pack – and Golden Ticket certainly has some unique offerings.

Golden Ticket Cinemas’ management says the chain attempts to bring a “modern theatre experience to small and mid-sized markets across the US.“

They do that by, as they did in Greensboro, upgrading theatres, adding luxury recliners, and offering a greatly expanded food and beverage menu –  with food and drinks delivered right to your seat.

The Cinema Ale House + Elite also boasts of high-quality screens and audio.

While all theaters have popcorn and M&Ms, this Golden Ticket location has flavored Bone-in Wings ($10), Korean Spring Rolls ($6.50), Fried Pickle Dippers ($7.74).  You can also grab some Ale House Sliders.

As for tickets, evening tickets for adults cost $13.34.  For children, the evening tickets are $9.61.  Seniors and military personnel get that $9.61 price as well.

Currently, the theater is showing Wonka, Napoleon, Wish, and several other movies including Godzilla Minus 1, which is a Japanese film that’s one of the highest rated movies ever tracked by Rotten Tomatoes.  The movie is being showered with critical praise and it demands to be watched on the big screen.

Golden Ticket Cinema’s in other parts of the country and the state have proven very popular.

The company was founded six years ago when it opened its first theater in Washington, North Carolina.

After that, the chain exploded.  It bills itself as one of the fastest growing movie exhibitors in the country.  It’s already one of the top 50 theatre chains in the US, with 122 screens in 19 locations across 12 states including Minnesota, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Georgia and Oklahoma.