Golden Gate Shopping Center in Greensboro has gone through quite a few transitions in the 22 years of the current century.

Coffee lovers will be glad to hear that, as part of the latest change, construction crews are now hard at work turning the center’s former Wells Fargo branch into the city’s next Starbucks coffee establishment.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Wells Fargo Bank began limiting the hours of operations at certain branches, including the one at Golden Gate Shopping Center.  Then, in 2022, the bank sent notice to its customers that the branch was closing for good.

For some time, the ATM remained operational beside the empty structure; however, that ATM has now been moved from the side of the former bank and become a stand-alone ATM closer to the center of the shopping center.

One worker on the Starbucks project said he wasn’t sure when the extensive building renovations would be complete, but he said a similar project in Reidsville took about six months.

Golden Gate Shopping Center has been home to a Starbucks before. However, that location shut down over a decade ago. The previous Starbucks at the shopping center closed in February 2012.

In 2014, another coffee shop – downtown Greensboro’s popular java establishment The Green Bean – expanded into the Golden Gate Shopping Center, only to close that store later.

Also in 2014, a new shopping center owner brought in a traveling zoo to draw attention to the center – but that zoo also ended up drawing the attention of animal rights activists who said the traveling “Jungle Safari Zoo” was inherently cruel to animals.

One of the biggest blows to Golden Gate Shopping Center came in July of 2011 when a very popular Harris Teeter store that served as an anchor for the center closed down.

The center does currently have a Food Lion store that draw a considerable amount of business.