It didn’t take long for the Guilford County Board of Commissioners’ Thursday, June 20 meeting to get very interesting: The first speaker from the floor was Guilford County Animal Shelter Manager Darryl Kosciak who announced at the podium that he was resigning due to a lack of adequate staffing at the shelter.

He said the staffing issue was not being addressed in the 2019-2020 county budget that the board was about to adopt so he felt compelled to step down.

Kosciak told the commissioners that, when he took the job, he was promised that the staffing issue would be dealt with by adding new positions, but he said that hadn’t happened and wasn’t happening again this year.

At the June 20 meeting, Kosciak had a lot of praise for Guilford County Animal Services Director Jorge Ortega – who he called a “rock star” – and he said the county should give Ortega the support he needed.

Earlier in the week, in a work session, the Guilford County Board of Commissioners did vote to add two positions of the six that Ortega requested.

Kosciak also had praise for Commissioner Jeff Phillips who he said had come out to the shelter and listened to the needs, and he encouraged more commissioners to come out to get a better understanding of what the staff there faced.

According to Kosciak, the current shelter facility is also woefully inadequate though he acknowledged that a new shelter was now on the way. He said that the new shelter had to be staffed properly to be well run.

“If not, a shiny building is not going to be shiny for long,” he told the board.