News 2 Evening Anchor Julie Luck, who’s been fighting colon cancer this year, had some very positive news for her friends and viewers that she conveyed in a Facebook post: The disease is in remission and she expects to return to the airwaves soon.

In the post titled, “From cancer fighter to cancer survivor,” Luck stated that she was grateful for the support of all the people who had sent prayers and well wishes in this difficult year.

“Results from blood work show my chemotherapy treatments were effective and no more chemo rounds are needed,” Luck wrote. “Furthermore, my oncologist has declared that my cancer is in ‘clinical remission.’”

On Tuesday, Jan. 25, 2022, Luck made the announcement regarding her condition to her WFMY News 2 viewers at the end of the 6 p.m. broadcast.  At that time, the popular newscaster explained that she would be off the air for some time due to a recent diagnosis of colon cancer after a colonoscopy.  An emotional Luck told her viewers, “I never expected to hear the word ‘cancer.’”

In her Facebook post this week, Luck wrote that the next steps in the process would be “scheduling a time to ring the bell and set a date to return to work as I continue to heal from lingering chemo side effects.”

She also pointed out that, according to doctors, she’ll need five more years of monitoring – including regular medical scans, blood work and colonoscopies to check for a possible recurrence.  She noted that this was normal procedure in cases like hers.

“While I may be years away from being declared cured,” she wrote, “I’m grateful and relieved that the latest lab tests showed favorable results and normal markers. This is the news I’ve been hoping for. I have so many people to thank for lifting me up during these dark several months: my family, friends, colleagues, viewers, fellow patients and the many medical experts who provided excellent care. I also praise God for His healing, strength and grace.”

Luck’s Facebook post included a picture of red boxing gloves she was given months ago when she was diagnosed with stage 3A colon cancer.

“It’s a meaningful gift and I’ve been waiting for an appropriate time to share it with you,” she said. “Cancer, stay down for the count. I refuse to let you win.”

Luck’s many fans, friends and viewers are eagerly awaiting her return to the nightly news.