On Friday, March 22, Piedmont Triad International Airport (PTIA) announced its brand new website – a site that’s meant to be a big upgrade in terms of modern interface design, ease of use and the more immediate presentation of the most important information that passengers need.

On Friday, a statement in PTIA’s monthly update touted the new web presence for the Piedmont-based airport that’s been making a host of major upgrades lately.  PTIA has been seeking a more modern image – a major rebranding, that is – since 2017, and, while the airport never went forward with an intended name-change proposed just before Christmas 2017, the airport has been making related image changes – such as this enhanced website.

PTIA Executive Director Kevin Baker said on Friday that he’s extremely pleased with the new site.

“Our PR folks have worked hard on the new site,” he said. “It was time for an update.  It had been eight or ten years since the last one. I like the product.  The landing page includes flight information, which a lot of people need.”

A statement released by the airport touts the new website and encourages users to visit the new page.

“We got a website make-over!” the statement from PTIA reads in the airport’s March update.  “Go to flyfrompti.com [the same address as before] to check out our brand new website!  Find all of the important information that you need to know about flying easy on our simpler and easier to use site.”

PTIA officials have recently felt a need to upgrade the airport’s web presence since its real world presence has undergone a lot of upgrades recently – and the airport will have many more in 2019 and 2020.  PTIA is renovating its runways, parking decks, it’s passenger drop-off and pick-up areas, and it also has plans to renovate the terminals.  PTIA has added new food and service vendors and is building an 800-acre aviation megasite. The airport recently closed down a golf course it owns to make room for even more acres to that site. PTIA officials and area leaders hope the megasite will draw a lot of new aerospace business to the area.

As with many modern websites, elegance and simplicity were determined to be priorities.  Users who land on the new PTIA page are greeted with a single large image: A spacious terminal with some passengers walking through it.  The only words are the airport’s logo in the upper left corner and the words “fly easy,’ all in lower case, above the picture.

The current weather conditions are also shown at the bottom of the landing page.

After a few seconds, the departure and arrival schedules roll in from opposite sides of the screen to present this often-accessed information immediately.

The new site also offers a host of tools including maps and a trip calculator that take into account fares, parking, transportation and other factors that go into the cost of a trip.  That lets passengers calculate the total cost of flying in and out of PTIA.

For those who need other information, the site’s simple menu system makes it easy to find.  In the “About” section, there’s a slick, well-produced video that extolls the virtues of flying from PTI, such as the airport’s easy parking and convenient location in the central part of the state.