In recent years, Piedmont Triad International Airport (PTIA) has been trying to upgrade its offerings and attractions for passengers who fly and in out of the airport. To that end, it’s now offering free Putt-Putt-style golf and an art exhibit all rolled up into one inside the terminal.

Unfortunately, for golf fans who use the airport, there are no plans to put in an indoor 18-hole course at PTIA; however, travelers can get a one-hole taste of the links thanks to the new artwork – an “interactive putt-putt golf sculpture” near the United Airlines ticket terminal.

Since it’s outside of the terminal security checkpoints, anyone can see and play the exhibit. Those who want to “interact” with it just need to ask the “Airport Ambassador” at the nearby information booth for clubs and balls to play.

The artwork, which was created by local artist Mark Dixon, a professor at Guilford College, and by designer Tom Dawson, will be in the terminal until July 2020.

When it was suggested to PTIA Executive Director Kevin Baker that it might be fun to put in a complete 18-hole Putt-Putt course at the airport, his response seemed to indicate that would not be something that would be happening.

PTIA is, however, getting a major makeover in many ways these days with a new parking system, major repairs to the road and deck in front of the terminal entrance and the addition of vendors in the terminal.

PTIA is also in the process of adding a major aviation megasite with runway access meant to draw large companies.