In a move that everyone knew was coming, this week the Piedmont Triad Airport Authority named Koury Corp. President Steve Showfety as chairman of that very important board for a sixth straight year.  There were, also as expected, no other nominations – and thus no competition for the man that the board clearly considers to be doing an excellent job.

Showfety attended the meeting by phone so the proceedings were conducted by Vice Chairman Jim White.  At the Tuesday, April 23 meeting, as soon as White asked if there were any other nominations, board member Linda Shaw spoke up immediately to make a motion for the board to approve Showfety.   White asked for discussion but there was none before the swift and unanimous vote by the board.

White then asked for nominations for his seat as vice chairman – but no one said anything.  After a long pause, White said, “OK, I will nominate myself as vice chairman.”

White continued, “All in favor vote yes,” and board members called out “yes,” and then he said, “All opposed no” – and Winston-Salem Mayor Allen Joines, called out “No.”

That stunned White and stunned everyone at the meeting and the room suddenly got a pulse and even got a little tension.

No?” White asked, extremely surprised.

“Just kidding,” Joines said, which caused the room to erupt in laughter.

White replied, “Oh, I got excited.”

Former Guilford County Commissioner Linda Shaw, the board’s secretary, said she’d held the job for several years and she wanted someone else to have it if they wanted it.

“If there is anyone who would like to hold this position, speak now of forever hold your peace,” she said.

At that point, board member Bill Bencini, the former mayor of High Point, said, “I nominate, Miss Shaw.”

She won on a unanimous vote.

Board member Paul Mengert, who has been serving as treasurer, was also unanimously elected treasurer once again.