Just like art galleries, Piedmont Triad International Airport (PTIA) likes, from time to time, to change up the scenery, and this week PTIA officials are asking area residents to help them out in a new quest to provide travelers and others with an interesting visual experience as they pass through the airport.

PTIA is kicking off a new campaign to collect creative sidewalk chalk art from around the area. Airport staff plans to show off the art on the video displays inside the terminal “as inspiration for PTI’s travelers and employees.”

A committee of airport employees – including workers from the Transportation Security Administration, the airport’s facilities staff, representatives of the airlines and members of the airport police and fire teams – will choose their favorite artwork, which will be captured on electronic media and showcased on the airport’s video screens throughout the terminal.

The artwork will also be presented on the airport’s web site: www.flyfrompti.com.

In a Thursday, May 21 call for help to the community, airport officials requested that local folks keep their eyes on the ground looking for innovative chalk art – or draw it themselves.

“Show the PTI team that you appreciate everything they are doing for our airport and to help keep our community running,” the statement asks, adding that you can make the art if you can’t find it. “Draw your own sidewalk art, get creative with inspirational or encouraging art and messages to those essential workers in the Piedmont Triad and upload a picture www.flyfrompti.com/chalkart.”

Submissions will be accepted online from Friday, May 22 through Friday June 5. After selection, the winning art will be shown on the screens throughout the terminal as well as on the website.

Everyone whose artwork is selected will be notified through an email that their work will be on display. Also, PTIA staff will take a picture of the artists’ work on the monitor and send it to them.

Since the initiative is meant to be an encouraging one, there’s probably no need to send in police outlines of bodies drawn on streets or sidewalks.