The Greensboro nonprofit that states its goal of “enhancing the city’s quality of life and economic and civic engagement” is collecting data on worker skills and workplaces in its 2024 Talent & Workplace Survey, which is now underway and will wrap up in early April.

Action Greensboro’s survey is meant to gather data from businesses and organizations of all sizes across Guilford County to understand specifics about things like remote work, talent recruitment, workforce skills and related issues.

The survey comes as a follow up to a similar study conducted last year. The two studies together should allow the group to analyze year over year trends.

Most surveys claim they will be quick and then drag on and on. But the Action Greensboro survey lets you know right up front that it will take about 25 minutes to complete.

If you help Action Greensboro out, you have a chance to win one of six drawings – with prizes having a “minimum value of $25.”  Which values your time at about a dollar a minute. That comes out to $60 dollars an hour, which is pretty good money for filling out a survey. (About $125,000 annually.)

Of course, that’s only if you win.

If you do want to participate, you can visit:

But not everyone can participate. You’re only eligible to take the survey “if you have been involved in the hiring process in the last 12 months (e.g., as human resources personnel or top management).”

The study asks participants about things like their organization’s recruitment efforts and failures or successes, employee turnover, training practices and employee benefits.

Action Greensboro pledges that all answers will be kept anonymous and confidential. However, the group may use aggregate responses or quotations in its marketing communications, which will still keep the source anonymous.