People who came out to the Steven Tanger Center in downtown Greensboro on Friday, Feb. 23 had paid a good amount of money to see “An Intimate Evening with David Foster and Katharine McPhee.” But they got a big bonus when Foster let Brody Bett – a 14-year-old singer and musician who live in Greensboro – come out of the audience, sit down at his piano and blow everyone away with a rendition of “Bridge Over Troubled Water.”

It was about halfway through the two-hour show when Foster, a top music producer and musician, said that, when he does a show, he likes to let a couple of people in the audience who think they can sing give it a try.

Foster said it’s never planned and there is never anyone planted in the audience.

Brody Bett jumped up quickly and so did another woman.

The woman sang first. She stood in the audience and they handed her a microphone.  She sang well and got some applause.

Then it was Bett’s turn.  He asked Foster if he could go up on stage and, at first, Foster seemed reluctant, but a persistent Bett said, “I also play the piano,” and asked if he could play the piano while he sang.  Foster eventually said OK, after a nudge from his wife, singer Katherine McPhee.

A confident Bett sat down at the piano and gave an astonishing rendition of “Bridge Over Troubled Water” and the band that was backing Foster joined in halfway through the song for some added energy. When Bett finished, the audience cheered wildly, many giving him a standing ovation.

A stunned looking Foster, making a play on Bett’s last name, pointed to the 14-year-old and said, “I’m betting on you kid!”

It turns out Bett is no stranger to performing before crowds and he’s had a few minor gigs, like, for instance, singing the national anthem at a Carolina Panther’s game.

You can find him singing “Bridge Over Troubled Water” at his house by googling his name and the name of the song.

Bett tells a little bit about himself in his introduction to his YouTube page.

“I play piano, ukulele, guitar, pipe organ, and drums,” he writes. “I have perfect pitch and can play almost anything I hear. I am currently the singing voice of Gil on Nickelodeon’s Bubble Guppies and have projects that run on Disney Jr, Netflix and Amazon. …I was Charlie Bucket in the Broadway National Tour of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 2019/2020. I was Michael in the Broadway National Tour of Finding Neverland 2018/2019. I want to inspire others and bring a smile to people with my music!”