New Guilford County Sheriff-elect Danny Rogers will be sworn in on Monday, Dec. 3, but he’s already making big plans and preparing for the awesome responsibility the citizens of Guilford County gave him when they elected him sheriff over 6-term Sheriff BJ Barnes on Tuesday, Nov. 6,

Rogers promised during the campaign that there will be important changes for the department once he’s the top law enforcement official in Guilford County. For instance, he said he wants to revisit the county’s pursuit policy, have a more diverse staff and improve the department’s interaction with troubled youths.

The week after the election, Rogers, along with other newly elected sheriffs in the state, attended the Sheriffs’ Leadership Institute in Chapel Hill – a training program for new sheriffs that’s sponsored by the NC Sheriffs’ Association.

There’s a lot to learn when becoming sheriff and Rogers said he’s committed to doing an excellent job.

“Right now it’s all about a smooth transition,” Rogers said.

One thing is clear: Barnes and Rogers aren’t going to be buddy-buddy during that transition. Barnes, in public statements immediately after the election, said he was concerned about the security of the county with Rogers as sheriff and added that he hopes Rogers relies on the advice of the high-ranking officers now in the department. Barnes will not, for instance, be providing Rogers with a guided tour.

“He’s not going to do that,” Rogers said. “We are supposed to be professional men, and I am a professional, but I have no control over whatever he wants to do.”

Rogers said the first order of business is to meet with some county officials next week to discuss plans to renovate the old county jail and turn it into the new Sheriff’s Department headquarters.   At this point, Rogers said, “I don’t see a reason not to do it.”

The new sheriff said he would also be meeting with the men and women in the department to make sure the right people are in the right positions. Rogers said he’s going to increase accountability in the department, work to reduce the attrition rate of staff and to develop more equitable hiring practices.