Schools Cannot Live Within Their Means

Dear Editor,

Some time ago I said, “we could go to the school board, ask how much needed to be in the budget for next year, provide that amount plus 20 percent, and two weeks later there would appear an unanticipated need that was ‘unfunded.’” 

(This is more of a paraphrase.)  We provided the funds for the cameras so what have they done with it??  Aside from libs generally, the schools just cannot seem to “live within their means,” as all of us must.  In any well-run company, when budgets are reduced and cuts are required, they usually start with supervisory positions, because they make the most money and are the least productive. I wonder how many assistant principals and sub-assistant principals actually spend even six hours a day at their desks, working?

Maybe the lack of fiscal responsibility is due to lack of supervision?

I almost never blame the teachers for our errant schools.

Rich Carrera