Ex-Pimp Now Seattle’s Street Czar

Dear Editor,

From a news report on Sept. 23, 2020

“The city of Seattle has hired a Black Lives Matter activist and convicted ex-pimp to be its ‘Street Czar,’ paying him $12,500 a month for a year to come up with ‘alternatives to policing.’”

While they were doing this, they were overriding the mayor’s veto over defunding the police. This is resulting in 100 police officers being terminated.

Let me see if I have this right. They’re firing 100 trained, certified law enforcement officers and then using the money they save to hire a BLM activist who was convicted of human trafficking, aka pimping, and had tried to get the CHOP mob to help him extort $1 million to $2 million from the city, as a “street czar” and want him to come up with “alternative to policing” for the city.

You cannot make this stuff up.

They have video of a U-Haul truck showing up within an hour of the grand jury results in Louisville unloading 4 x 8 signs, shields, gas masks, water bottles and who knows what else on the route of march of the “peaceful protestors.”

What are the odds?

And as I’m writing this, they have confirmed that a police officer has been shot by a “peaceful protestor.” This after the “peaceful protestors” apparently got chilly and began starting fires around the city and also apparently began playing a game of catch in front of the police lines and couldn’t seem to catch what they were throwing and it apparently “accidently” landed among police officers.

Oh those silly, clumsy “peaceful protestors.”

But hey, we shouldn’t be surprised. The BLM/Antifa/Marxist/socialist lackeys of the (National Socialist) Democrat Party have been more than vocal about their intentions, plans, and goals, not to mention their tactics and methods.

Alan Marshall



Trump Morally Bankrupt

Dear Editor,

Here’s the thing: Donald Trump is doing, and will continue to do, anything he can to get reelected. He is becoming increasingly desperate in this pursuit. I think there are several reasons for this: 1) his enormous ego can’t handle the thought of being a “loser.” 2) He loves the spotlight and power of the presidency. More importantly, 3) he has almost half a billion dollars in loans coming due over the next four years – yes, that’s billion with a “b.” He’s hoping he can use the trappings of being president to finagle his way out of these debts since they will otherwise bankrupt him; and, most importantly, 4) he has grounds to believe he needs to be reelected in order to stay out of prison.

The Trump organization has a history of money laundering (particularly for Russian oligarchs), tax fraud and bank and insurance fraud. So far he’s been able to outlast the statute of limitations to avoid criminal indictments. However, investigations stemming from the Michael Cohen case, documents turned over by Deutsche Bank, and other new investigations have exposed more recent transgressions that he in all likelihood will be charged and convicted of should he not be reelected.

Eight of Trump’s associates have already been charged with or convicted of crimes. The Manhattan district attorney recently suggested that he was investigating Trump and his company for “possibly extensive and protracted criminal conduct.” However, if Trump is reelected then he’ll escape indictment for another four years, by which time the statute of limitations will have run out on these newer crimes. Hence the desperation on his part.

Unfortunately for democracy in the USA, Trump is morally bankrupt and has shown no respect for the Constitution and the rule of law. He’s been steadily and constantly setting the stage to attempt to stay in office even if he loses the election. One of his outrageous suggestions – that we postpone the election – fortunately did not find any traction. But he continues to claim the election is rigged (without evidence and before it’s even taken place). Also:

He’s doing his best to limit voter turnout by delegitimizing voting by mail, even though it’s been shown to be safe and reliable;

He’s claiming huge voter fraud, even though there is no evidence of it;

He’s refused to commit to accepting the results of the election;

He has lawsuits pending against several states in attempts to quash voter participation;

Trump is urging tens of thousands of his supporters to intimidate voters by becoming aggressive “poll watchers”;

He is threatening to bring in the National Guard if there are protests, and has recently set the precedent of dispatching federal agents against domestic protesters;

He’s claiming that vote counting needs to stop on election night regardless of whether all the votes have been counted (this would be unprecedented and something he lacks authority to do);

He and appointees of his are drumming up the threat of armed resistance should Trump lose the election;

He continues to hawk the idea that any news not favorable to him is “fake” news, trying to set the stage to delegitimize the election results should he lose.

This is dangerous territory and a serious threat to our democracy. Hopefully the USA will survive as a democratic nation but it’s going to be a bumpy ride at best. Trump has no qualms about ripping apart the Constitution if that’s what it takes to keep him in office. Don’t let him do it.

Joel Landau