Not A Solution

Dear Editor,

I’m amazed. I live outside the city. I once came to Greensboro frequently. Not so much anymore.

I see the damage done by “peaceful protestors” and certainly don’t want to be near when they lose their peacefulness as they seem all too often to do.

Then I hear …

We have violent rioters, let’s reduce the police’s ability to control them!  That oughta work, don’t you think?

Not me.

Charles Baker




This Is The Big One

Dear Editor,

Some will not get this reference, but the best way to describe the current status of the progressive left is to remember the old TV show Sanford and Son. When something went horribly wrong for Fred Sanford, he would grab his chest and stagger around like he was having a heart attack, crying, “I’m coming, Elizabeth. This is the big one!”

Ruth Bader Ginsburg has passed, creating not just an opening on the Supreme Court but adding a major concern for the progressive left. They’re suddenly faced with the very real possibility that the Supreme Court, their last great hope for undermining the Constitution, is about to slip from their grasp, possible for at least the next 10 to 20 years, unless they can gain the majority in the legislative and executive branches and pack the court by expanding the number of justices.

I’m not diminishing Justice Ginsburg or her accomplishments. Although I disagree with 99 percent of her decisions, I admire her for her determination and the fight she had to make to achieve the position on the court.

With her passing and the timing of it, kerosene has been thrown on already very hot, smoldering embers. Without a doubt, President Trump and Mitch McConnell are going to move quickly to fill the seat before the election and the members of the (National Socialist) Democrat Party in the Senate are going to scream, cry and throw temper tantrums over the timing of the appointment and how the Republicans would not allow dear leader his opportunity when this happened last.

I’m not too worried about them. It’s their BLM/Antifa/socialist/Marxist/communist foot soldiers, aka “peaceful protesters,” that I’m concerned about. This will become their justification for not just continuing the rioting, burning, looting, destruction and assaults on innocent people and property, but expanding it. And it will all be done at the behest of their handlers.

By the way, Lizzy, I noticed Bunker Joe Biden quoted your mantra accusing President Trump of being responsible for each and every death from COVID-19 in America, saying the data proves it. The next thing you know even the left leaning mainstream liars are calling him out for it saying he took his rhetoric too far. (In other words, he made up a lie and tried to sell it as truth)

Batten down the hatches and ammo up, it’s about to get ugly.

Alan Marshall