Republican Party Finally Pushing Back Against Misinformation

Dear Editor,

The Republican Party is finally starting to push back against the “misinformation,” aka lies, the (National Socialist) Democrat Party and their flying monkey minions are dishing out.

They love to parrot the line about the economy is in shambles, people are financially hurting, unemployment is way up and it’s all the fault of President Trump and the Republicans. They don’t want to admit that up until the China virus (yes, I’m using his term because it originated in China and China allowed it to spread), the economy was on fire, unemployment was down on every metric, businesses were begging for workers, incomes were up, life in general in America was for the most part good because, for the most part, actions taken by President Trump in spite of the roadblocks thrown up by the ‘rats. We are hurting but we are also starting to come back.

One commenter here is obsessed with claiming President Trump killed 160,000 people (I think that’s the latest number) by mishandling the virus situation.

First, in a pandemic, like war, people will die no matter what you do. It’s a fact of life.

Second, you can only react to a situation based on the information you have on hand. The CCP with the help of the WHO intentionally hid and lied about the situation. These conditions are like trying to cross a room full of mines in the dark. And it doesn’t help that your “experts” were giving you bad advice as well.

Third, as soon as the situation began to become clearer, he immediately put in travel restrictions and was lambasted by the people giving you your marching orders, calling it an overreaction, xenophobic and racist,

Fourth, when he was calling for people to self-isolate the ‘rats, in particular the Wicked Witch of the West was telling people to ignore him and “come to Chinatown.”

It’s been the state “elected officials” that have been putting the restrictions on people and businesses. They claim to be using science as their justification, but the question is whose science. They cherry pick to meet their agenda of control.

Do we need to take precautions? Yes! There are reasonable actions we, as individuals, can and should take. But some servants of the people have used this to establish their own little fiefdoms with their bosses, the people, as their peasants.

To them I say get your knee off our neck.

Alan Marshall