The Real Coup Attempt

Dear Editor,

At the time of the Jan. 6 Capitol Hill riot, Speaker Pelosi referred to that event as an insurrection and an attempted coup. Of course it was neither. It was a group of misguided individuals, misled and incited by undercover agents from the top law enforcement and intelligence branches of the Obama deep state. It was a false flag operation usually reserved to be carried out in other countries for the purpose of removing a ruling dictator and installation of a puppet government. 

The real coup was being conducted by some members of our military in concert with the deep state including Pelosi and a number of ranking members of Congress on both sides of the aisle that want to be included in a power grabbing autocratic control of our country. Another example of the radical left literally exposing their own intentions by blaming the opposition.

If in fact the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff did tell his counterparts in the CCP that he would warn them of our intent, military or otherwise, then Gen. Milley should be court martialed and reassigned to Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas, for a period to be determined by the JAG. While it may be routine for the Command and Control Division of our Armed Forces to be in touch with adversarial counterparts, Gen. Milley’s position is that of advisor to the commander in chief, which includes advising the POTUS of any said communications.

The most egregious and yet ridiculous part of this whole scenario is the Pelosi request for Milley to assure that then POTUS Trump be relieved of the nuclear launch codes due to his “mental instabilities” after the riot. Pentagon spokesman Kirby tried to play off the Milley phone call by saying the chairman wanted to reassure the CCP that recent US Naval exercises in the Pacific were not meant to be a threat.


The Chinese have made no secret of their intent, while proliferating in the South China Sea with the construction of islands complete with air bases and their own military exercises flying through the air spaces of Taiwan and other Asian countries. Milley’s conduct is also suspect while serving the current administration, alluding to support of critical race theory indoctrination within the ranks and his role of advisor during the recently botched withdrawal from Afghanistan. We continue to be under siege by our own government.  God bless America!

James Simmonds