Remember The Children

Dear Editor,

Instead of Abigail Adams’ quote, “Remember the Ladies,” Lee Haywood would say, “Remember the Children.”  Schooling during the pandemic is a preeminent issue he would tackle, but also he would never let child molesters off the hook as recent legislation in California has done. 

Sex trafficking across our southern border, which has pervaded our state, Lee would do everything to stop. Furthermore the budget deficit would be uppermost in Lee Heywood’s mind; for example, Nancy Pelosi thinks if the Senate proposes $1 trillion and the House $3 trillion, that they should simply split the difference and accept $2 trillion.  This sort of thinking is truly mindless and slaps children in the face every time since future generations must pay for the profligacy of their parents and grandparents.

Despite the trillions spent for COVID relief, Lee Haywood would try to show sensible restraint without venturing out into unrelated programs like supporting the marijuana industry. Money must be spent on what is truly needed, like unemployment benefits and keeping drugs out of the hands of children.  All in all Lee Haywood likes to remember the children, truly protecting their futures. 

Dr. Linda Lewis Cooper



Review Of Some Conspiracy Theories

Dear Editor,

So it’s about time to review some of what the (National Socialist) Democrats and their minions have so badly wanted to have the American people believe are conspiracy theories.

Russia, Russia, Russia: This one is partially right. The Russians were trying to involve themselves in our election. But the ’rats insistence that they were working with the Trump campaign went down in flames when their own handpicked Mueller Report showed nothing. In fact, when called before Congress and questioned, he couldn’t answer basic questions about the “investigation” he was supposed to be in charge of.

Additionally, let’s remember the fake dossier that was generated by a foreign agent, bought and paid for by the Hildabeast and the (National Socialist) Democrat Party. (But, but, but, President Trump was supposed to be the one bringing in foreign involvement in our elections.)

And by the way, there was this headline: “US funds aided 2015 campaign to oust Netanyahu, Senate probe finds.” The Obama State Department got involved trying to affect Israel’s elections. Let me say that again – the Obama State Department tried to affect the Israeli elections. Glass houses ’rats, glass houses.

Democrats trying to spy on and subvert the Trump campaign and ultimately the Trump presidency: When the lid on the DOJ involvement in our elections was ripped off the truth came out in the form of falsified documents being presented to a FISA court in order to try to turn members of the Trump campaign and presidency.

And now the latest: It seems that something like 27 members of the Mueller investigation mob suddenly forgot the passwords to their phones and caused them to “accidently” get wiped. And the timing was perfect because they are now the center of an investigation. But seriously, 27 phones that were subpoenaed for a criminal investigation get “accidently” wiped? I was born at night, but not last night. When I read this my first thought was the Hildabeast must have stock in Bleach Bit.

The (National Socialist) Democrat Party and their Socialist/Marxist BLM/Antifa allies want so much for the American people to believe President Trump and his administration is trying to destroy this country and they are the only thing preventing it. So in order to save the country, THEY have to destroy it first then rebuild it in what THEY say is a fairer model society.

Shades of Animal Farm!

Alan Marshall