Think For Yourself

Dear Editor,

Let’s get real and tell the truth.

The coronavirus originated in the city that houses Communist China’s main biological research/warfare laboratory. The first US president to stand up to China has been deposed, the historic liberties of the West have been compromised, and Western economies crippled to the extent that only one major economy grew in 2020 ­– China. All this without firing a single shot, and with plausible deniability. Do you think all this is a coincidence?

The manufacturers of the COVID “vaccines” (they aren’t vaccines in the conventional sense) have been granted complete legal immunity from liability of any kind, including negligence. Does that make you want to inject their chemical cocktails into your body?

The federal government and their co-conspirators in the corporate media are clearly very, very eager to force you to be injected. Why is that, when the Chinese disease has a circa 99 percent survival rate? The Spanish Flu of 1918 was much more lethal. What’s going on here?

There are more COVID cases today than there were a year ago, when zero Americans were vaccinated. If the vaccines worked this would not be the case, would it?

Dare to think for yourself.

Austin Morris