Funerals Aren’t For Settling Scores

Dear Editor,

The canonization of John McCain took place Labor Day weekend. I have visited the “Hanoi Hilton.” Yes, he and his fellow prisoners there are heroes. Scrutiny of the rest of his life and legacy can be left to another day and others.

What the media will never tell is the McCain family requested Air Force Two be sent to transport the family and casket to Washington; as well as for a military band, military attendants and a caisson in Annapolis. Trump graciously granted their request. Evidently no good deed goes unpunished.

One must question what mindset invited Ivanka and Jared Trump when the family knew the bitterness and bile that would be spewed on her father. Was the idea to humiliate them?

Meghan McCain’s “eulogy” must have had the stamp of approval from her father, since he planned and orchestrated the funeral. She will surely be returning to ringing accolades from Joy and Whoopi.

We must also hope reaching back from the grave to settle actual or perceived scores with pettiness does not become part of funeral ritual. Sarah Palin, who has never said a negative word about McCain, was told she was not welcome at the funeral. For all of the speakers’ talk of McCain’s “civility,” it was in short supply at his funeral.

Sadly, the funeral had more to say about McCain and his family, as well as Joe Biden, George W. Bush, Barack Obama and the media than any of the spite and invective thrown at Trump.

Phyllis Picklesimer



Under the Dems

Dear Editor,

If you want an idea on how the Democratic, progressive, socialist left is going to do things, just watch the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings and review everything that happened from the time he was named to now.

For starters, when the candidates were announced, the looney left had preprinted press releases with each person’s name inserted ready to be released. Printed signs were made with only the name left off until the announcement, and were quickly finished and distributed within hours.

The prearranged protests, and the Democrats have admitted that it was all planned, and what took place in the hearing chambers was a mockery. Unfortunately, the Republican chairman didn’t show any cojones by clearing the chambers as soon as the first whack-job jumped up and started screeching.

This whole process should be an object lesson to any and all level-minded Americans as to how things are going to be under a Democratic run House. Add this to the release of Bob Woodward’s book and the “coincidental” simultaneous release of an article by The New York Times claiming to be a letter from an “anonymous senior government official,” which basically said a cabal is actually running things in the White House. If true, this is textbook sedition, which needs to be uncovered and prosecuted as such to the fullest extent.

All of this is an attempt to justify invoking Section 4 of the 25th Amendment of the Constitution. But to listen to the mainstream media and their constant caterwauling in support of the left, one would think that should the disloyal opposition take control, President Trump will be out in a heartbeat. And if all this is true then they must have a plan for removing Vice President Mike Pence as well. I say this because guess who is third in the line of succession to the presidency? I urge everyone to get your pocket Constitution and look up both of these things. It should give you both some relief and trepidation. The invocation of the 25th Amendment isn’t as cut and dry as the mainstream media would have you think, but remember what kind of soulless, power hungry creatures we’re dealing with and the extents they’ve gone to in the past. If they get control, who could be elected speaker of the House?

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Get out and vote: Marc Ridgill and Barbara Jackson.

Go Galt and save the republic.

Alan Marshall

Double standard

Dear Editor,

Double Standard

Dear Editor,

We have a huge double standard in the United States.

When a conservative goes to a meeting it’s collusion despite evidence.  All misrepresentations of evidence are leaked for political purposes.  All witnesses are threatened with crimes unrelated to the investigation.  A conservative disagreeing with liberals is bullying, or racist using hate speech. In the end all disagreements with Democrats are punished.  All Republicans who say anything deemed offensive are fired or censored for mere allegation.

When a Democrat disagrees it’s righteous empowerment. Dem politicians and supporters are given immunity prior to “interview.”  When a Democrat breaks rules it’s civil disobedience.  All who disagree with conservatives should be championed.  All who say anything offensive are given a pass because in the end they support the “greater good,” which luckily for Dems is what they say it is.  The offensive language is chalked up to mere heated in the moment mistakes because sum total support grants forgiveness.

Democrats demand Republicans use proper procedures to avoid negative stereotypes/publicity.  However, Democrats rely on breaking those rules to play on stereotypes of Republicans to try everything in public opinion.

Over the past two years colleges have stated that being arrested for protesting democratic policy will not be punished.  However, many of the ”protests” have involved violence and property destruction.  Recently a Trump supporter lost a scholarship for attending a Trump rally.  He wasn’t arrested.  He hurt a counter-protestors feelings for energetically disagreeing.  He hurtfully disagreed, which made the counter protester afraid … to counter protest.

Democrats demand Brett Kavanaugh pledge to uphold recent court precedent.  However, recent precedent that Dems wish to remain intact is counter to centuries of previous precedent and the Constitution.

Democrats are not upset because of Kavanaugh.  They are afraid that the precedent of reactionary judges they created will be used against them.  They have benefited and supported the abuses of a liberal Supreme Court that couldn’t tell the difference between a group being in the minority because their logic failed to convince enough voters and an actual legitimate minority requiring protection.  They didn’t care that the power the court took for itself rightfully belonged to the legislature and the voters alone.

They are afraid of the monster they created.  They hope to maintain weakly ill gotten gains unjustly earned.  These new actions are creating new patterns of injustices to maintain previous unjust gains.

Alan Burke



Benefit the Whole

Dear Editor,

Taxation is a fact of life, but when politically motivated governmental greed for increasing taxes has become greater than corporate greed has for creating profits, we’ll have degraded our nation into a deeper hole than we’ll ever be able to climb from.

How does this happen?  Take the example of George W. Bush’s ill-timed tax cut that benefitted and created a building boom and later a bust for builders.  Other examples could be cited for wasteful inflationary spending within the Obama administration.

Corporations’ sales minus costs earns our corporate profits and our government takes a big portion and burns it for necessary and politically unnecessary nonsense in the pretense of helping.  It seldom does because excessive governmental spending creates debt and this creates inflation, which devalues our saved money, and much of this money is necessary for our nations future.

Almost all political and emotionally produced decisions lack sane and safe funding from our tax-and-spend mentalities and should require us to look for commonsense balances that benefit all of our futures.  All of us should benefit or else we will, in so many hidden, devious and obvious ways, pay the price.  We allow ourselves way too often to be brainwashed into believing things for the bargain of a political party’s gain when they don’t have a ghost of a chance of rewarding us.

Ray Hylton