Biden Will Bring Light To The Darkness

Dear Editor,

These are trying and dangerous times in which we live.  Our ship of state is being buffeted by gales of hate and discord that renders us rudderless as we drift without purpose or any plan to right the ship.

But the winds of change are blowing, bringing hope and steadiness to the turmoil we Americans have endured for the last three-and-a-half years.  The faces of change are Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, two proven leaders who embody the very core values to set us on the right course: trust, honesty, integrity, competence, focus, purpose, character, compassion, patriotism and a deep and abiding belief in the worth and dignity of all those who call these United States home.  The light they bring will overcome the darkness.

Bob Kollar



Conspiracy Theories?

Dear Editor,

It’s been reported a black man in Georgia “felt compelled” to go out and stab a white man after watching a series of videos of police shootings online. He walked into an Auto Zone, was greeted by the employee and proceeded to stab the employee in the neck and torso seven times. So where are the mainstream liars on this? Where are the protest and riots? Oh, that’s right; it doesn’t fit the leftist agenda.

In Colorado a black man screaming “Black lives matter” stabbed a white man in the torso. When confronted by police he admitted to it and demanded the police shoot him. Fortunately, it’s being treated as a hate crime (but… but… but he’s a black man. He’s not allowed to be charged with a hate crime.)

In South Carolina a stepfather was shot in the head twice, execution style. His stepdaughter was also shot and killed and another individual wounded by a black man who had rear ended the man’s car. Again, where are the protestors and riots? Where are the mainstream liars with wall to wall coverage?

People leaving the president’s speech were accosted, assaulted and harassed by lawless, Marxist/socialist/communist animals. They have become embolden enough to even assault police officers trying to protect a U.S. senator. And the ‘rat mayor of DC seemed to have understaffed the security detail that was assigned there. And there is apparently evidence that outsiders were bussed in to participate in the violence.

And before you start screaming conspiracy theory, explain this report

Kenosha Police got a tip about some suspicious vehicles. They checked and found a black school bus, a bread truck and a tan minivan with out-of-state plates. They followed to a gas station where officers observed occupants exit the bus and the bread truck and attempt to fill multiple fuel cans.

Suspecting the individuals were preparing for criminal activity related to civil unrest in the city, the officers exited their vehicles, identified themselves and detained the occupants of the bus and the bread truck. The driver of the minivan tried to pull away, police said, but the vehicle was stopped and officers forced their way inside and arrested the occupants. Inside the vehicles they found illegal fireworks, helmets, gas masks, protective vests and suspected controlled substances.

So, go ahead. Please continue to tell us these are conspiracy theories.

He’s up, he shoots. Oh, it’s swatted away.

Alan Marshall